What Is the Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency Test?

This test is a simple, convenient finger-stick test. AAT deficiency can be detected by measuring the AAT levels in your blood. Using the AlphaTest® Kit is a simple, effective way for your healthcare provider to collect a blood sample and test you for AAT deficiency.

AAT - Test Kit Procedure

The Test Is Free!*

The AlphaTest® Kit is provided to you with compliments of Shire. As this testing is complimentary, Medicare, Medicaid, or other governmental or private health insurance plans do not reimburse or compensate for this Shire-supported testing.

What Happens During the Test?

Using the provided lancet, your healthcare provider will prick the top side of your finger, and then apply the blood from your finger to the special blood collection paper, filling the circles marked on the paper. Once the blood collection paper has dried, your healthcare provider will send this sample in a protective envelope to the Alpha1Center—a special lab that runs comprehensive tests for AAT deficiency.

How Do I Find Out the Results?

The Alpha1Center will send a letter with the test results to your healthcare provider's office. Once your healthcare provider's office receives the letter, the staff will follow their protocol for informing you of your results. Ask your healthcare provider's office how you will be informed of the results.

What Are the Possible Results?

There are 3 possible results you could receive from your healthcare provider.

  • You do not have AAT deficiency
  • You are a carrier for AAT deficiency
  • You have AAT deficiency

If you are a carrier or have AAT deficiency, you should speak with your healthcare provider to review the test results and determine the best way to manage your health.

Shire is a trademark of Shire plc. AlphaTest is a registered trademark of HerediLab, Inc.

To order a complimentary AlphaTest® Kit for you or your family member, please call 1-866-272-5278 or learn more www.alpha1center.com.

Find out more about the AAT deficiency test kit here.

*While the test kit is complimentary, please check with your healthcare provider to determine whether there are fees for ancillary services, such as office visits.

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