AATmosphere iNSPIRATION Program

For you, knowledge is power and living with AAT deficiency means learning the most you can about your condition.

AATmosphere iNSPIRATION provides individualized support for you with its AATmosphere iNSPIRATION AlphaNet Coordinators who are patients with AAT deficiency (Alphas) just like you.

The AATmosphere iNSPIRATION program can help with:

Coping with diagnosis Empowering through education Navigating insurance benefits, if required

Our coordinators understand your needs and can provide the one-on-one support and guidance as you live your life with AAT deficiency.

Once enrolled, you will have access to a dedicated AATmosphere iNSPIRATION AlphaNet Coordinator.Your coordinator will provide resources that can help you manage your condition and connect with the community.

Coordinators will be available 24/7 and conduct monthly calls with you.

Please call 1-866-272-5278 for more information.