Test Your COPD Patients

Of the estimated 100,000 people with AAT deficiency in the US,
more than 90% are undiagnosed.1,2


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The AlphaTest® Kit is a free*, "One and Done," AAT deficiency test. It's just one test for a lifetime.

For those patients who are identified as having AAT deficiency, knowing their status can help you provide the appropriate counseling and disease management, and encourage them to make important lifestyle changes which may delay the onset of emphysema.

*This complimentary test kit may not be billed to patients or their health insurers. It is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to determine whether ancillary services may be billed.

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Test Your Patients

Test Your Patients

Alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency may affect up to 4.5 out of every 100 of your COPD patients.3 We encourage you to test to rule out the possibility of AAT deficiency in your patients.

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Put Your Finger on the Pulse of AAT deficiency

The symptoms of AAT deficiency are similar to those of other pulmonary conditions. The similarity in the clinical presentations contributes to the fact that AAT deficiency-related emphysema is frequently under-recognized by physicians.

About AAT Deficiency

Support Your
Patients' Needs

These resources are designed to help your AAT deficiency patients manage their condition. The AATmosphere iNSPIRATION Program offers a comprehensive support program for patients with AAT deficiency and their families.

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