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Are You Sure It's COPD?

Are You Sure It's COPD?

Finding out whether AAT deficiency is the cause of your lung disease is important. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in making appropriate medical and lifestyle decisions for you and your family.

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What Is AAT Deficiency?

AAT deficiency is a hereditary condition that results in reduced levels of AAT protein in the blood and lungs. This protein, which is made mostly in the liver, helps protect lung tissue from chemicals released by white blood cells. Individuals with AAT deficiency have an increased risk of developing emphysema and liver disease over their lifetime.1

What is AAT Deficiency?

How Can I Get

Using the AlphaTest® Kit is a simple, effective way for your healthcare provider to collect a blood sample and test you for AAT deficiency.

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Where Can I Go
For Support?

The AATmosphere iNSPIRATION program provides resources to help you manage this condition and encourage you to make important lifestyle changes.

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